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Family Law Representation In Greeley

If you are involved in a family law dispute, the outcome will impact your financial health, your family dynamics and your relationships with your children for years to come. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney who understands your goals and your family and works hard to find a legal solution that resolves your dispute in the most effective manner possible.

At Weibel, Zacheis & Greenfield, LLC, we care about our clients. We look at our clients and their families as a whole to help them overcome their legal challenges, restructure their family relationships and preserve their parent-child bonds.

Caring, Compassionate Legal Counsel For Your Family Law Issues

Located in Greeley, we help clients throughout northern Colorado resolve their most challenging legal disputes. Over the years, our attorneys have represented clients in a wide range of issues, including:

Protecting Your Interests In And Out Of Court

In the courtroom, a judge decides how your property is divided, where your child lives and how decisions regarding his or her education, religion and general well-being will be made. You know better. Through negotiation and mediation, Weibel, Zacheis & Greenfield, LLC helps clients stay out of court and keeps the decision-making power in their own hands.

However, if the other side is being unreasonable, we will go to court and fight to protect your parental rights. We are experienced litigators and we know what it takes to protect our clients’ financial and parental rights in court.

Contact The Family Law Attorneys At Weibel, Zacheis & Greenfield, LLC

If your family’s dispute has risen to the level where legal intervention is necessary, you need a lawyer who cares about you, your case and your family. Contact Weibel, Zacheis & Greenfield, LLC at 970-286-7621 to schedule a consultation.