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Advocating For Your Child’s Best Interests

When you are in the middle of an emotional family law conflict, it can be difficult to find solutions that address your child’s needs while attending to other issues as well. In Colorado, child and family investigators (CFI) are tasked with advocating for children’s best interests during or after divorce proceedings. These court-appointed professionals also assist unmarried parents involved in custody disputes.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when you are requesting CFI intervention or preparing for an investigation if you are not familiar with the process. Our legal team at Weibel, Zacheis & Greenfield, LLC, is ready to help. Parents in Greeley and across northern Colorado have relied on our attorneys to provide compassionate, knowledgeable family law counsel when they need it most. We are here to arm you with the information necessary to protect your child’s welfare and future.

Understanding The Role Of A Child And Family Investigator

Child and family investigators are neutral, third parties who have significant experience with children and the legal system. These individuals draw on their background as attorneys, psychologists, child development experts or other relevant fields when they assess your child’s living situation.

CFIs conduct investigations into disputes that involve decision-making issues, parenting time concerns, allegations of abuse and related child welfare matters. In addition to interviewing the affected children and parents, they may also speak with the child’s teachers, family members and others who interact with the child.

What To Expect When A CFI Is Involved

After a CFI is assigned to a case, he or she will receive an appointment order, which establishes the boundaries of the investigation. Individuals participating in the investigation must complete paperwork provided by the CFI and meet with the CFI to share additional requested information.

Using these details, the CFI will submit a confidential report to the court. If the CFI believes the child is suffering from abuse, the expert is required to notify law enforcement.

CFI recommendations can have a significant impact on custody or child support agreements, so it is critical to prepare for your meeting with a skilled attorney. Our team is equipped to answer any questions you may have throughout this process and will use their insight to help you protect your child.

Learn More About This Process Today

Whether you are petitioning for a CFI investigation or preparing for one, our lawyers are ready to assist you. Please call 970-286-7621 or complete our online intake form to reach our Greeley office.