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Using Mediation Or Collaborative Law To Resolve Disputes

While not all family law conflicts are bitter, they can be too complex to handle alone. Working with a skilled legal professional can help you protect the relationships and the things you value without requiring litigation.

Mediation and collaborative law approaches allow parties to find the best solutions for their family legal problems without involving Colorado judges. These forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) encourage individuals to work together to create agreements that are mutually beneficial. Our attorneys at Weibel, Zacheis & Greenfield, LLC, are well-versed in ADR processes. We are eager to help you address your divorce concerns in a supportive, efficient environment.

Engaging In Mediation

Mediation is often seen as a cost-effective, amicable way to address a variety of divorce and modification matters, including child custody issues, disputes over financial orders of support, property division disagreements and other relevant concerns.

Parties work closely with a mediator, who acts as a neutral adviser. During mediation sessions, each party is given equal time to share concerns or recommendations. Mediators facilitate discussions and counsel parties on terms of their agreement.

If the parties do find common ground on an issue, they can file their agreement with the court. This agreement will be binding. If parties cannot agree to terms, they can turn their matter over to the court. Any information shared in mediation sessions remains confidential, so no party can use this insight against the other.

Pursuing A Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative process offers a team-based approach to resolving conflicts without court intervention. This type of ADR is more structured than is mediation and may be used to resolve more intricate family law concerns. Rather than relying on a mediator’s assistance, this approach may involve attorneys for each participant, child specialists, accountants and other financial experts.

Like mediation, the collaborative law approach encourages parties to solve problems together, rather than fostering a winner-take-all mentality. The agreements secured through collaboration are binding and private after they are approved by the court.

How We Can Help

Our attorneys have substantial experience with mediation and collaborative law. We are qualified to advise you on the most effective path toward resolving family law issues in or out of court. As your advocate, we will give you honest counsel of your options so that you can make smart decisions about your situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whether you seek a skilled mediator or attorney to represent your interests in a collaborative divorce session in Greeley.

Litigation Is Not Your Only Option. Let Us Help You Find The Right One For You.

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